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Jeremy Little

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Jeremy Little is a professional programmer based in Melbourne who co founded ManaTea Pty Ltd and also works as an IT Support Engineer at Kinrossfarm. he is proficient in C++ and C# but has experience with Java, JavaScript, VB, HTML/CSS, Python and SQL


Unfamiliar : Unity3D

Unfamiliar is a relaxing fantasy adventure game where you take the form of a cat-witch who sets out to acquire magic ingredients from storybook worlds to craft items and create enchanting costumes.

Working on a long term project
Releasing a game to Steam
Presenting a game at Pax

GoogleSheets Unity Intergration : Unity3D

GoogleSheets Unity Intergration is a tool I created during my time at ManaTea. The tool creates instances of objects from rows in a google sheet and pouplates the values of those objects with from colunms in the spreadsheet

Working with Google Sheets API
Working with Unity's Editor time API
Creating a userfrendly front end
Creating a generic tool that could be used for other projects in the future

Divide : Unity3D

Divide is a turn-based strategy game set in a cyberpunk dystopia whilst moving along a hex grid.

Working on a long term project
Working in a big team
Creating a turned based system
Working on environmental effects

OpenGL Engine : C++

OpenGL Engine is the last C++ project made at AIE, it uses OpenGL to draw OBJ to the Screen

Learning how to work with openGL
Creating a 3D envoriment with matrix maths
Working with GLSL and writing a PBR shader

Spectral Mafia Jam : Unity3D

Spectral Mafia Jam is the result of a 60 hour game jam conducted at AIE. it is a top down twin stick shooter featuring complex camera movement, multi-functional character control and custom AI.

Jeremy Little
Gene Collis

Jason Hajal
William Thong
Bruno Mitrov

Jake Brown
Jordan Dines

Creating a Camera Rig that is able calculate a location based on two independent players positions
Creating a dynamic level manager
Facilitating feature rich Character Controllers
Developing a custom AI
Working in a team to create a game under time pressure

Client Updater : C++

Client Updater is a library built to create a modular updating system. Client Updater collects all files from a specific directory on the client and bundles them up into a file full of hash values. This file is then sent to a server to compare and determine what files should be returned and what files should be deleted

Learning raknet networking
Using file transfer
Learning hashing and encryption


Easy Net : Unity3D : Work In Progress

Easy Net is a unity editor plugin that is designed to make network programming easier for unity developers. It eliminates some of the complexity when developing online games

Gaining proficiency with Unity networking
Designing custom editor scripts
Learning C# refections

Physics 2D : C++

Physics 2D is a physics simulation written in C++ using the AIE's graphics framework. All of the collision detection for circles, squares and planes were written from scratch as were the collision resolutions and gravity.

Learning collision detection, collision resolution and general physics.


‚Äč‚ÄčEcho Commander : Unity3D

Echo Commander is top down 2D puzzle game developed during the 2018 Global Game Jam in Melbourne. Participants had 48 hours to create a game from scratch based on the theme "Transmission"

"Plan out your moves to get to the terminal by passing instructions from robot to robot"

Jeremy Little @JezzaLittle
Aaron Smit @AaronDsmit

Emilee Ashe @emileegoulding

Jarrod Sevior @Jarrod
Gene Collis @GeneCollis

Jordan Dines @Slagathorr_
Matt Schenkel (Sub-Zero Sound) @hxctropious

Unity Samples UI

Working in a team to create a game under time pressure

GGJ Page:

Windows: Download
Android APK: Download

SlimeTime : Unity3D

SlimeTime is a game I developed as part of my final assessment in my first year at AIE.

"Slime time is a three quarter view twin stick shooter where 2 - 4 players control a slime and fight other players, collecting neutral slimes with the goal of being the largest slime for the longest time."

A great deal of focus was put on the complete processes of game development. This included different phases of development from alpha though to gold, a technical design document, professional documentation and an industry pitch.


Jeremy Little
Liam Whitehouse
Josh Peake

Mark Glinatsis

Jarrod Sevior

Sarah Dyer
Mitchell Gordon

Developing a XInput wrapper for game controllers
Creating an all encompassing Game Manager
Making a complex camera rig to focus on Gameplay

Windows: Download

VRunner : Unity3D

VRunner is an endless runner that makes excellent use of virtual reality. while the game is simple in concept, it becomes immersive in a VR environment.

Creating a VR camera in Unity
Creating an intuitive user interface in a VR world
Raycast collition detection
Building to android

2D Light Technical Demo : C++

2D Light Test is a technical demonstration created in my first year at AIE. It uses "line segment box intersection" to calculate light paths (tris) that are then drawn to the screen.

Learning line segment box intersection
Sending tris to the GPU


Flashlight Game : Unity3D

Flashlight game was my first game made in the Unity 3D engine. the project was made in 3 weeks for a schools competition called young ict.

Learning unity
Learning c#
Writing a first person controller

Windows Download